Did you know?

Perceval is looking for a Network engineer

01 February 2012 - Perceval is looking for a network engineer to join our team in Brussels.

Perceval Bulgaria became 3 years old

28 November 2011 – Three years our young and ambitious team is happy to respond to a lot of challenges in the name of our clients and professional service delivery.

Perceval is hiring a new colleague

17 October 2011 - Perceval is looking for a helpdesk technician to join our team in Brussels.

Brussels data center is expanding

7 January 2010 - To accommodate the growing hosting demand from customers, we are adding 40% extra space, power and cooling capacities to our data center in Brussels.

Perceval is 20 years old

21 December 2009 - Twenty years later Perceval is bigger, stronger and still providing high quality internet services.

ISPA appointed Henri-Jean Pollet as President

20 October 2009 - ISPA, the Internet Service Provider Association of Belgium appointed Henri-Jean Pollet, Director of Perceval, as the new President.

The TeleManagement Forum welcomes Perceval

21 April 2006 - "The TeleManagement Forum is very pleased to welcome Perceval as a member. With their expertise in Business Support System (BSS) and Operations Support System (OSS) integration, we feel they will make a positive contribution to the work of the TeleManagement Forum and our industry."

Aileen Smith, Chief Operating Officer, TeleManagement Forum

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